Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wordless Weekends

Monday- The USA, Intro
(They didn't have starfruit at the store so we made do with our heart cookie cutters instead. We also used a pink handspun yarn in place of twine.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Around The World- The USA, New Orleans

The USA, New Orleans

Book: Chef Creole

Movie: The Haunted Mansion (There wasn't much of a selection at the library and I still haven't seen this movie.)

Music: Cajun Music- The Essential Collection

Food: Fried Okra w/Green Onion Aioli @ Nola Cuisine

Craft: Tragedy & Comedy Garland @ Kaboose

Bonus Clip: Hurricane Katrina @ Postcards from Buster

Bonus Song: You've Got the Groove @ Postcards from Buster

Bonus Song: After the Hurricane @ Postcards from Buster

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Around The World- The USA, Native America

I was originally planning on just doing a few states but then I got to thinking- what about our own unique history? Am's still too young for an in depth history lesson but I can at least devote a little time to a piece of our countries heritage.

The USA, Native America

Book: The Drum Calls Softly

Movie: Pocahontas (I know, I know but I'm a bit of a Disney nut. This is a family movie tonight.)

Music: All Spirits Sing

Food: Hoe Cakes @ The Hillbilly Housewife

Craft: Native American Headdress @ No Time for Flashcards (I'd suggest dreamcatchers or more traditional crafts for older children.)

Bonus Clip: Arapaho Grass Dance @ Postcards from Buster

Bonus Song: Tradition Is a Circle @ Postcards from Buster

Monday, July 5, 2010

The USA, More Links

Audio Stories:
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer @ Livingbooks For The Ears, June 2 2010
George Washingtons Shoes @ The Story Home

Around The World- The USA, Intro

Right now I've been planning out the curriculum to use for Am's homepreschooling. She was all set to be enrolled in a real preschool this fall but it looks like we'll be moving, hopefully into our own place this time. That leaves us with no preschool once again- and that's fine. That's a great benefit of being a stay at home mom, I can teach my daughter myself. I've been checking around. We're all set for the fall and will be doing the Harvest Time Preschool Curriculum from Wee Folk Art but that still leaves us with a lot of time on our hands this summer. That's why I've decided to do a loose "Around The World" unit starting with The USA. Each day will have a music CD, movie, craft, food, and book with a bonus gift thrown in every now and again for good behavior (or in our home completing the potty chart).

That brings us to today. Now I'm not making up these idea's. Mostly the crafts and recipes will be links but I'm still gonna post them in case anyone else wants to follow along or have some inspiration. Also, a little about us- while we're not vegetarian we are following a budget and eat mostly meatless meals, especially during the summer when fresh veggies are plentiful. Our food links will reflect that (and our pantry) and might not be the most common food in a country.

The USA, Intro

Book: Apple Pie Fourth of July

Musician: Dave Brubeck

Movie: Reading Rainbow- Sea to Shining Sea

Food: Red, White, and Blueberry Skewers @ Make & Takes

Craft: Fourth of July Bunting @ Alphamom

Adult/Older Child Craft: Toy Soldiers @ Over the Crescent Moon

Bonus Clip: Muppet Patriotism

Bonus Coloring Page: USA Map @ Make & Takes

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Home... School

Lately I've really been working on trying to figure out what works. I used to be big into Waldorf. I loved it and everything it stood for. The problem came along when I was struggling to incorporate all of the routines while making my home a nurturing environment. It finally came to the point where I just gave up on all of it in frustration. We're really not set up to work that way.

I had to ask myself what exactly was my motivating factor drawing me towards that method. I found that it was mostly a healthy admiration but I also came to the conclusion that 100% Waldorf might not be the way to go for us. Quite simply routines are very hard for me. Sure, I can handle the bedtime story or doing my shopping on Thursdays. I just can't seem to create a daily plan. I don't want to sing a story when I wake up. Most of the time I want to lay in bed bleary eyed for 10 min until I have enough energy to drag myself out and, when I'm lucky, start the water boiling for some coffee. This is just how I operate- it's how I roll man.

So naturally it was hard to really do those songs and dances. You know what I finally figured out the other day?

It doesn't matter.

It really doesn't matter if we're Waldorf, Unschooling, Classical, Christian, or any other number of homeschooling names. In the end as much as we might like one style we still need to go with what works. Right now for my family it's a book a day with a craft/field trip/family movie/cooking project/etc thrown in- and that's okay. In the end it comes down to us. The way I see it so long as I focus on my daughter, she's happy, she's learning, and I'm not stressing out it's all good.