Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Around The World- The USA, Native America

I was originally planning on just doing a few states but then I got to thinking- what about our own unique history? Am's still too young for an in depth history lesson but I can at least devote a little time to a piece of our countries heritage.

The USA, Native America

Book: The Drum Calls Softly

Movie: Pocahontas (I know, I know but I'm a bit of a Disney nut. This is a family movie tonight.)

Music: All Spirits Sing

Food: Hoe Cakes @ The Hillbilly Housewife

Craft: Native American Headdress @ No Time for Flashcards (I'd suggest dreamcatchers or more traditional crafts for older children.)

Bonus Clip: Arapaho Grass Dance @ Postcards from Buster

Bonus Song: Tradition Is a Circle @ Postcards from Buster

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